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Maternal Experiences explores through writing, discussion, movement psychotherapy and group work , the rich, complex lived experience of being a mother and mothering today.

We are interested in both the external and internal influences that can affect mothers the  ways in which they interact and influence one another. Societal and cultural norms and pressures, government legislation and service provision impact along with unconscious forces from within us, such as family dynamics and.

The ways in which these internal and external forces shape our lives manifest in thoughts, feelings and bodily felt experiences which then affect how motherhood is experienced today.

Maternal experiences is influenced by psychoanalytic ideas, those that come from other psychotherapeutic modalities , as well as scholarly writing from organisations such as MaMSIE who bring together multi disciplinary thinking on the maternal as a broader concept. We also draw upon experiential ways of linking thought to bodily felt sensation, images and feelings such as movement, art making, journal writing and free floating discussion.

Rosalind Howell is a registered Movement Psychotherapist, writer and group facilitator.